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Treasury Bills

Treasury Bills

  • Treasury Bills are a secure investment. The investor assumes the credit risk of the Government. This is known as Sovereign Risk and is presumed to be the safest in the country
  • Bills are issued in tenures 91,182 and 364 days respectively
  • Bills are tendered for every Wednesday and are issued on Friday, hence the maturity of a Bill will always be on a Friday. Central Bank accepts/rejects bids at the auction and the results are published
  • Treasury bills that have been issued at earlier auctions are also available for purchase in the Secondary market
  • Primary dealers provide liquidity in the secondary market by quoting a two-way price
  • A 364-day basis is used to calculate prices


Treasury Bill is a Negotiable Instrument issued by the Government of Sri Lanka to finance short-term government expenditure and/or maintain monetary policy

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