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Treasury and Capital Markets

Treasury and Capital Markets

HSBC's global markets business is one of the largest of its kind in the world. It combines sophisticated 24-hour global coverage with a detailed knowledge of local markets. Our services are offered both online and offline, through a network of 87 treasury sites in more than 60 countries and territories worldwide. Our trading and sales forces attend to customers that include the world's central banks, international and local corporations, institutional investors, financial institutions and other market participants. Given the varied regulatory conditions globally, the range of products offered and their liquidity for each market differs, but HSBC typically aims to offer customers access to both onshore and offshore markets. We specialise in foreign exchange, credits and rates, structured derivatives, equities and debt, equity and equity-linked capital markets.

Our philosophy of developing supporting relationships even at the cost of business, which are not just transaction-driven, has facilitated our emergence as the premier treasury in Sri Lanka. We are an active market maker in LKR government and corporate bonds, spot and forward foreign exchange and derivatives.

As market leaders we are known to maintain an excellent relationship with local regulators and our knowledge of the local regulatory environment, commitment to providing continuous pricing in difficult market conditions, extensive global network and client penetration has developed into the yardstick when evaluating treasuries.


Treasury Bills

Secure way to invest

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Treasury Bonds

For your longer term investments

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Repurchase Agreements (REPO)

Managing your cash surpluses

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Foreign Exchange

HSBC is one of the leading market makers globally, quoting competitive prices in all tradable currencies. We are a dominant provider of FX products with round-the-clock coverage and superior execution.

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Derivatives and Structured Products

HSBC trades derivatives in all G7 currencies as well as Asian and emerging markets currencies (onshore and offshore).

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For further information, please call our Customer Service Centre on 4 4722 24 or stop by at your nearest HSBC branch.You could also contact us via e-mail.