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Receivables Management System (RMS)

Receivables Management System (RMS)

Built with advanced modular technology, our Receivables Management Systems (RMS) brings together all of the IRS components to create the leading receivables management solution on offer in Sri Lanka. Its automated reconciliation and information management modules are fully integrated with the collections and processing features of IRS.

As the backbone of IRS, our Receivables Management System (RMS):

  • Consolidates receivables information across all collections
  • Deliovers on-line real-time enquiry on transaction data
  • Provides over 70 types of consolidated reports structured to meet your specific needs
  • Automates accounts receivable reconciliation using your pre-defined matching parameters
  • Supports matching of over/under payments, including early payment rebates, transaction charges and Debit/Credit notes


RMS also delivers a ‘unique’ A/R Advice which may be sent to your customers via SMS, facsimile or e-mail. One such example of an advice is in the form of an invoice payment reminder to motivate settlement, so as to reduce your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

Need more information?

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