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Export services

Export services

Exporters can face significant risks when they undertake international trade, not least the fear of delay in payment or non-payment. HSBC Trade services helps you reduce risks, allowing you to focus on growing your export business.

To benefit from HSBC's Export services, you do not need to have special export facilities. Simply request your buyers to advise documentary credits through us and benefit immediately from our international network.

Export services

Export DCs

Export DCs: Export documentary credits lets you develop your business, as your transactions are supported by the issuing bank's payment guarantee.

Export DC bills

Export DC bills: Trust our expertise to manage your export DC bills to avoid delays in payments and unnecessary charges.

Export documentary collections

Export documentary collections: HSBC export documentary collections can handle your documents and present them to your buyer's bank for payment on your terms.

Export loans

Export loans: After securing your purchase order, do you lack sufficient capital to fulfil the order? Don't let a lack of finance halt the progress of your business.