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HSBC Bank plc is one of the largest guarantee issuers in the Group. We issue over 6,500 new domestic and foreign guarantees a year.

As part of HSBC Group, we can provide competitive terms through our guarantee processing capability established in over 56 countries.


Advance payment guarantee

Advance payment guarantee: Supports an obligation to secure an advance payment made by the beneficiary to the principle.

Performance bonds

Performance bonds: Irrevocably obligates the bank to pay a third party (beneficiary) when a customer (account party) fails to repay an outstanding loan or debt instrument, or fails to perform under a contractual obligation.

Tender (bid) bonds

Tender (bid) bonds: Supports an obligation of the applicant to execute a contract if the applicant is awarded a bid.

Financial guarantee

Financial guarantee: Supports an obligation to pay money, including any instrument evidencing an obligation to repay borrowed money.