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Import services

Import services

We offer a wide range of Import services, delivered by our experienced trade team, who will ensure that your business is handled efficiently and without delay. What's more, with the support of our global network, you can rest assured that we are available to assist you, wherever in the world you do business.

Import services

Import documentary credits and amendments

Import documentary credits and amendments: A payment method that reduces risk and strengthens your negotiating position.

Import DC bills

Import DC bills: Our expertise in document management will help you mitigate risk inherent to shipping documents.

Import collection bills

Import collection bills: If your supplier requires payment assurance but you prefer not to use a documentary credit, our documentary collections are the simple and cost effective way to offer protection.

Import loans

Import loans: Extend credit options, strengthen negotiating position with quick payment terms and increase cash flow with our loans against imports.

Shipping guarantees/Air waybills

Shipping guarantees/Air waybills: Avoid cost, and lost opportunities, waiting for your export documents before you can receive your goods with HSBC's shipping guarantee/air waybill endorsements.

Standby documentary credit

Standby documentary credit: This may be established as security for facilities granted at another branch or bank, usually to a subsidiary of the DC applicant.