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Import documentary credit and amendments

Import documentary credit and amendments

One of the safest methods of international settlement.
More benefits. More flexible.

Do you plan to develop new trading relationships? Are you looking for a more secure form of trading from your seller? You can achieve this by requesting a documentary credit (DC)/letter of credit (LC) be issued to you through HSBC.

Why is this payment right for you?

Ensures a supplier has met your terms and conditions before you pay them

Strengthens your negotiating position by offering a guaranteed payment

Can be used to improve cash flow

Other benefits

Protects you and your supplier's interests

Can be used to increase the credit period a supplier is willing to given

Documentary credits issued by HSBC will be widely accepted as payment assurance by suppliers and their banks

Types of documentary credits and amendments

Sight/Usance documentary credits: Traditional instruments that facilitates international trade

Domestic Documentary Credit: A credit issued to beneficiaries located in the same country as the applicant and issuing bank

Transferable DC: A credit that permits the beneficiary to transfer all or some of the rights and obligations under the credit to a second beneficiary or beneficiaries

Red clause DC: A credit that permits the beneficiary to receive an advance payment by way of pre-shipment financing