Please be advised that the below stated email alert is a fraudulent e-mail and has not originated from HSBC.

Kindly ensure that this e-mail is deleted from your computer.

If you have already responded to this email with your personal information, we recommend that you contact HSBC on (94) 11 4 4722 00 immediately and temporarily suspend your internet banking facility and change your account details as a security precaution in order to prevent any unauthorised access.

Alert posted in Novermber 2013

From: HSBC Sri Lanka©[efv@shaw.ca]
Sent: 11/17/2013 10:10 PM MST
Subject: Online Account Verification

Dear Customer,

This is your final notification to verify your acount because it was recently logged into from an unrecognized device and location.
For your protection, Please take a second to update your records by login into your account with the link provided and filling it correctly
We have sent an email to the E-mail address you used in registration


Once the information provided matches what is on our record. Your account
will work as normal after the verification is processed.

Note:Endeavor to fill your details carefully and correctly to avoid
losing your Account.

Customer Support Service.



Alert posted in October 2012


" This is your final notice. "

We are performing a scheduled account maintenance. Your account has been disabled for security reasons. We apologise for any inconvenience. Reactivate account now. (INACTIVE ACCOUNTS WILL BE DEACTIVATED TILL FURTHER NOTICE IF NOT ACTIVATED NOW) Once again, we apologise for any inconvenience.

ACTIVATE NOW = http://www.hsbc.lk/Account-Security-ACTIVATE=


Alert posted in January 2012

Beware of fake Bank emails

Please be advised that we have noticed an increase in emails sent out by phishing sites targeting local Banks in order to obtain personal information pertaining to the customers of such Banks.

The subject line in these emails state "Your account is suspended. Urgent", "Account will be closed. (Final Notice) ", "IMPORTANT - Account is locked" . These emails further state that the Bank had encountered a computer system shutdown resulting in loss of data and financial records. Recipients are urged to reactivate their account stating that the failure to do so will result in the termination of their Bank accounts.

If you receive such emails, do not click on the given links, do not enter your user ID, account number and password. Please contact your Bank immediately and inform them about the email.

Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Response Team ( SLCERT ) has issued a similar notice to the public which was published in the Daily Mirror of 18 Jan 2012.

We would like to remind our customers that HSBC does not send unsolicited email messages requesting for customer's to update nor to verify their personal and security details. If you are in doubt about the legitimacy of such an email, or if you think that you have been a victim, you should contact HSBC on (94) 11 4 4722 00 immediately.

To find out more about online scams, please click on the link below.

Online Scams