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Changing to Advance from PowerVantage Plus

HSBC is launching the Advance account worldwide, in an effort to bring its extensive banking services in line with international trends. HSBC Advance focuses on offering straightforward, comprehensive solutions that are flexible enough to fit different life stages, making it easy to achieve your life's goals, and enjoy a host of privileges worldwide.

The result of this move will not change the rights and privileges of clients in the original “PowerVantage Plus Account.” Rather, it will greatly improve the exclusive preferential services for accounts in the "Advance" program.



To be eligible for HSBC Advance, you need to satisfy just one of the following:

  • Maintain Rs. 1,000,000 in a Time Deposit
  • Maintain Rs. 250,000 in a Savings or Current Account
  • Remit a monthly salary amount not less than Rs. 125,000/- to Advance account with HSBC
  • Obtain a Personal Loan for over Rs.1,000,000

Note: A monthly service fee of
Rs. 1,250 will be applicable if a customer fails to meet any one of the above requirements.