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OVerseas Education
Planning and preparing for your child's overseas education can be quite a stressful task. There is, after all, quite a lot to do. Together with our education partners, we can guide you through the process.
Getting ready
With HSBC Premier's support, getting your children ready for study overseas has never been this easy. Our services include:
  • Your Relationship Manager is there to work together with you in developing the right financial wealth management plan that is consistent with your needs, goals and attitude to risk
  • Availability of HSBC Premier Children's Savings Account with Preferential Interest Rates.
  • Preferential Pricing and fee waivers when remitting funds overseas to fund your child's education
Global safety Net
Whether your children are going abroad to study or even just for the experience of travelling, it's good to know that they're not on their own.

With HSBC Premier your family also benefits from some of the features you enjoy. So if your children are planning to go to university abroad, then they can take advantage of the International Account Opening facility in over 40 countries and territories to have an account open and ready for them when they arrive. And if you want to ensure they're never left wanting for money, they can have an additional credit card with limits that you set for them.

Not only that, we won't let them down in an emergency either. They can take advantage of up to USD2,000 emergency cash (with your permission), use your Multi-trip Global Travel Insurance so that they're covered wherever they are, access the worldwide helpline (1-908-PREMIER) and benefit from next day credit card replacement.
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