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Dual Currency Deposits

Dual Currency Deposit

Why should I opt for a Dual Currency Deposit (DCD) with HSBC?

  • It offers you a chance to enjoy potentially higher returns as opposed to the traditional local or foreign currency savings or time deposits
  • We offer you an option of 9 major currencies to choose from (for both deposits and linked currencies).
  • Investment tenures ranges from one to three months.
  • Committed interest payment at maturity irrespective of whether the maturity proceeds are paid in the deposit currency or linked currency.
  • Enjoy maximum financial flexibility with a Sri Lankan Rupee credit facility of up to 85% of the deposit value.

What is a Linked Currency?

Linked currency is the currency that you pair your deposit currency with in a DCD. It should be a currency which you are comfortable to take a view on, based on how it will perform against your deposit currency.

Would a Dual Currency Deposit meet my investment criteria?

A DCD is likely to be suitable for you if you:

  • Have a high risk appetite.
  • Are willing to hold either the deposit or the linked currency.
  • Have an actual need to hold the linked currency and look forward to purchasing it at a more favourable exchange rate (compared to the spot rate on the trade date).
  • Believe the enhanced yield justifies any potential currency depreciation.

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Need more information?

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