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Mobitel SMS Pay

Mobitel SMS Pay

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Mobitel SMS pay to you. With this service you can Pay your Mobitel Bill or Reload your Mobitel SMART connection via a simple SMS. You can also pay the bills of you friends & family, anytime anywhere!!

How does Mobitel SMS Pay Work?

  • Cardholder will call the HSBC Call Centre on 4 4722 77 and give their information to register for the service. The registration process will take 2 working days from the time the customer gives his/her information to the call centre and the welcome sms is received.
  • HSBC Call Centre will verify the customer details and send the information to Mobitel for registration.
  • Mobitel in turn will register these customers and send a welcome SMS along with a PIN to the customer. PIN is to be used only to make a third party payment to any other mobitel connection other than his/her own. A PIN does not have to be used when making payments to his/her own phone.
  • In order to pay a bill a customer needs to go to My Mobitel Menu. Under the Financial category go to HSBC and choose "BillPay Own" or "BillPay Others". In BillPay Own, the customer has to enter the amount and in BillPay Others, the PIN has to be entered, then the recipient mobile number and amount.
  • There will be no restriction on the number of mobile phone bills a customer can pay. Maximum parameters per transaction: LKR1000/- for prepaid and LKR15,000/- for post paid.
  • A customer can use his/her mobile to pay any bill (any number of times) and for prepaid, if each transaction is less than or equal LKR1000/- the transaction will be processed and for post paid if it is less than or equal to LKR15,000/- it will be processed.
  • A sms will be sent to the customer to confirm whether the transaction was successful or rejected in the event of unavailable credit or amounts exceeding the parameters being entered, plus a sms is sent 2 weeks prior to the expiry of the credit card.

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