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If you are ready to start a life without boundaries, we are there to remove the lines that divide.

HSBC Premier is the world's first globally-linked banking service. A service that enables you and your family to explore and seize all the rich opportunities the world has to offer. It's a new way of banking that brings the very best of the world and gives you the latitude to experience it to the full. Welcome to HSBC Premier

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Your dedicated Premier Relationship Manager will be there to help you take the guesswork out, in meeting your financial goals. At every stage of your life, you'll have a partner to share your goals and help you chart a course for your success. We provide you with access to information about what's happening in the markets, and financial plans to assist you in making informed choices to reflect your own needs, circumstances and goals in life.

International recognition and Emergency support

A warm welcome, a dedicated service and international support are some of the things you can count on at any HSBC Premier Centre worldwide. So you can have that extra peace of mind, no matter where your travels take you.

Premier in one country, Premier in all

Meet the required eligibility criteria only in one country, while you enjoy the recognition, benefits and the services of a dedicated relationship manager in other countries as well.

Global safety net

If your HSBC Premier MasterCard® credit card (or your wallet full of cash) goes missing or gets stolen, you're always just one phone call away from our global emergency support service. Calling 1-908-PREMIER. We will ensure you get immediate action. We'll cancel your missing credit card straight away, arrange for you to pick up emergency cash from your nearest HSBC branch, and get you a replacement credit card the next day.

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Overseas Account Opening and Worldwide Online Banking

Don't let the thought of having to transfer all your finances abroad take the shine off your aspirations to work, buy a second home or move permanently overseas. HSBC Premier can make moving, investing and living abroad as easy as it is at home. The privileges include,

  • A local HSBC Premier Relationship Manager from the new country will help you with all your financial needs.
  • View your HSBC Premier accounts from anywhere in the world and transfer funds for free with our unique Global View service.

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HSBC Premier Family Services

The benefits don't stop with you - they extend to your family From family financial planning that can help you put future plans in place for each of your children, to ensuring they're never left stranded while traveling or at school abroad.

HSBC Premier Children's Savings Account

Your children can also benefit from a HSBC Premier Children's Savings Account with preferential interest rates, a HSBC Premier children's Savings account recognition card and an additional bonus of 25% on the interest earned for the month of his/her birthday.

Global Safety Net

Take advantage of the international account opening facility in over 40 countries and territories to have an account opened and ready for your children when they arrive. They can also take advantage of up to USD2000 emergency cash (with your permission).

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HSBC Premier Credit Card Exclusive Privileges

International acceptance at over 24 million locations around the world, access to one of the finest credit card privilege programs available locally and overseas, and on-ground support in case of emergency are all benefits you can count on with a HSBC Premier Credit Card.

Exclusive Privileges

The HSBC Premier credit card is fully loaded with year round discounts and privileges giving you the edge over others to live life with no regrets. Cardholder Dines Free, Cardholder Stays Free, Access to Araliya Lounge at the Bandaranayake International Airport and much more. Click here to find the full list of local privileges.

Exclusive Overseas Premier Privileges

We recognise that as a Premier customer, you demand great value as well as all the best money can buy wherever you are in the world.

This is why HSBC has created a unique programme of special offers only for HSBC Premier Credit Card customers, which is called HSBC Premier Privileges. The programme provides access to a variety of travel, dining, shopping and entertainment offers around the world when paying for them with your HSBC Premier Credit Card. Your HSBC Premier Credit Card gives you exclusive free access to HSBC Premier Privileges.

So whether you're looking for travel, booking a restaurant or leisure activities or simply shopping either at home in Sri Lanka or when travelling abroad, HSBC Premier Privileges will provide you with a wealth of special offers and unique opportunities with renowned brands whenever you use your HSBC Premier Credit Card.

Visit Premier Privileges for full details of offers across the world at

1:1 Rewards points

Enjoy LKR1 for every Rewards point you instantly redeem.

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Investment Expertise

Perhaps you want to accumulate secure funds for a comfortable retirement or your children's education. Alternatively you may relish the high growth potential of less predictable investments. HSBC Premier has contacts with the best brains in international investment, so whatever your plans, we can find the right people to help you.

Access to regular local and global market information

Being the world's local bank, we pride ourselves in providing you with the most insightful global and local market information, to help you make informed investment decisions. Our relevant and comprehensive analysis on equity, fixed income, interest rates and exchange rates will be sent to you via newsletters, internet or other channels on a regular basis.

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All above mentioned Premier benefits and more, are available at no extra cost to customers with an average monthly credit balance of LKR7.5 million or above.

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