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Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa


Verified by Visa is a service introduced by Visa International for secure online payment. It is a secure and easy-to-use service that aims to offer extra protection and security when you pay online.

Now, this new service is available for all HSBC personal Visa credit cardholders to register and use for free!

Security and how it works

Why is it secure?

Password protection - HSBC's Verified by Visa enhances your Visa credit card with a personal password of your choice. When you shop at participating online stores, you enter your password in the same way you enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number)at an ATM. It means that only you can use your Visa credit card online, giving you the same assurances you have when you use your card in a physical store.

Extra protection with Personal Assurance Message - when you register HSBC's Verified by Visa service, you are asked to create your own Personal Assurance Message (PAM). When you pay online, remember to check your PAM before you enter your password to ensure that you are using the authentic HSBC's Verified by Visa service.


How does it work?

Register your Visa credit card for the HSBC's Verified by Visa service and assign your password for it. This is a one-time registration, once registered, you can use this service any time you like in the future.

Pay online at participating merchants with your registered personal Visa credit card.

Verify that the authentication screen is genuine by checking the PAM, it is the one you created when you registered for the service

Enter your password as a signature to authorise the transaction online and complete your purchase.

Register for HSBC's Verified by Visa service now

Registration is fast and easy...

All you need is your user ID and password for Internet Banking

The world of protected online payments is just around the corner, so register now!

Need more information?

For further information, please call our Customer Service Centre on + 94 11 4 4722 00 or stop by at your nearest HSBC branch. You could also contact us via e-mail.