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Moving Overseas

Financial services for wherever life takes you

Planning your move

Stepping into the unknown can be a big leap. We'll guide you through with our local knowledge as you start to explore the country/region and learn about the new culture.

How we can help you

  • Have a better understanding on international life?
    Our Expat Explorer Survey gives a glimpse of what international life is like and helps you understand what it feels like to be abroad.
  • Want to know more about the country/region?
    Our Country Guides offer practical advice on what to expect and how you could prepare for the move.
  • Moving with your children?
    Living in a new country/region inspires people to explore and be adventurous. Find out more on Expat Family to see what new opportunities you and your family will have with this exciting experience.
  • Looking for a job?
    Browse Expat Cities to see what people think is the best thing about the city they live in across culture, work, life and leisure, and see which place suits you the most.
  • Looking for property abroad?
    Our Global Real Estate report (PDFgives you an overview of the property market of different cities that you may be interested in - whether it's for finding a home or overseas investment.
  • Managing your home account from abroad?
    Our Online Banking and Global View Global Transfer allow you to easily manage HSBC accounts wherever and whenever you want.

Popular destinations

What we offer

  • Available in more than 30 countries/regions
    Find the type of account that best match your needs for different currencies.
  • Global View Global Transfer
    Manage your worldwide HSBC accounts with one single log-on, and make real-time transfers between the accounts no matter where you are.
  • Transferring your credit history
    Give yourself a head start and have your credit established at your destination country/region.
  • Premier in one, Premier in all
    Enjoy the same status in your destination country/region if you are a Premier customer.
  • Complete the form or chat with our live agent for any enquiries
  • We'll contact you when we receive your request
  • You'll be asked to provide required documents

Opening an overseas account

Whether you are moving to a new country/region or interested in investing overseas, we're here to broaden your horizons to make sure you don't miss opportunities elsewhere.

Set up your overseas account in advance

The process is simple and easy. Once we receive the required documents, we'll have your account opened. We can also have your online banking, debit cards, credit cards and cheque books ready and delivered to your home or an address in your destination country/region - just to keep your checklist as short as possible.

Eligibility criteria

To apply for HSBC Premier, you'll need to:

  • Maintain a total relationship balance of LKR7.5 Million deposit in Current/Savings/Time deposit accounts. This balance could be maintained in rupees or foreign currency equivalent to rupees or a combination.


  • Remit a minimum monthly salary of Rs.500,000.

If you're an HSBC Premier customer in another country/region, you're already eligible to join Premier in Sri Lanka - simply speak to your Relationship Manager.

Ready to open your overseas account?

Contact us 

Apply in branch 

You can also download an application form and fill it in before coming to the branch.

Below balance fee

  • Total Relationship Balance is less than LKR7.5 Million: LKR3,000 per month
  • No remittance of salary of LKR500,000 - LKR3,000 per month

Important notice

  1. Service charge for international account opening through International Bank of Commerce (IBC):
    1. Premier customers - Free of charge
    2. Non-Premier customers - Charges apply (please refer to the Bank Tariff Guide or contact IBC staff for details)
  2. This is subject to the local age requirement for ATM card service.
  3. To apply for a supplementary card, the parents are required to be the primary cardholders of Premier MasterCard credit card and the children are required to be aged 16 or above.
  4. Overseas mortgages and overseas account opening applications will be handled and processed by overseas HSBC group entities directly and will be subject to the approval of the overseas HSBC group entities responsible for the areas in which the property is located.
  5. Subject to prevailing foreign exchange regulations in Sri Lanka.
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