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Available to current HSBC customers and non HSBC customers, the purpose of our social media channels (Facebook) is to provide better service and sharing of insights and offers with you.

Please note that we'll never post a link to Internet Banking Logon or ask for your user ID or password from within Facebook, or any other personal or financial information. Never give out this information within any public places.

Please don't share any personal account information or passwords directly on our social media pages.

For account related queries and instructions, please visit us at or call us on 0114 4722 00 in Sri Lanka or (94) 11 4 4722 00 from overseas. To maintain security and confidentiality of your account, we will not respond to or act on any account related queries and instructions received through this Facebook profile.

Listening to what you have to say about services matters to us. It's easy to share your ideas, stay informed and join the conversation.