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child watching tablet; image used for HSBC LK premier junior account page

Premier Junior Account

With HSBC Premier, growth isn’t just financial.

HSBC Premier Junior Account

As your child grows up, they begin to discover the world in new ways. As they embark on their own journey, you can ensure that they have every tool at their disposal with the HSBC Premier Junior Account. Discover financial services designed to educate your child on the value of financial responsibility and give them access to a world of indulgence.

Key benefits include:

  • HSBC Premier branded Debit card at the age of 12
    Teach your child to handle their own finances and cultivate good saving and spending habits from a very young age
  • Lifetime experience
    Give your child a chance to be a part of exclusive activities with HSBC Premier Junior events.
  • Supplementary Premier credit card
    Experience the convenience as your child can receive a supplementary Premier Credit card for educational purposes by the age of 16.
  • 24 x 7 dedicated Premier hotline
    Call us anytime on 011 4472272

HSBC Premier NextGen

Continue HSBC Premier even after your child is 18. Premier Next Gen enables them to enjoy Premier status in their journey to become financially independent from the moment they turn 18 and continue until they are 28.

  • Continue experiencing the exclusivity of HSBC Premier with an HSBC Premier Debit card and an HSBC Premier Credit Card/Supplementary Card
  • Live Premier together with family Relationship Manager
  • Gain access to fee-free instant international transactions with Global view and Global transfer
  • Receive an HSBC Premier branded cheque book
  • Enjoy preferential rates and fees

Overseas Education

Secure your child’s overseas education with HSBC’s International Student Services. We support them in every step of the way.

  • Free International Account Opening Services pre-departure
  • Premier Emergency Cash and replacement cards while your child is overseas
  • Gain access to fee-free instant international transactions with Global view and Global transfer
  • Exclusive travel and consultancy benefits and travel insurance
  • Gain access to fee-free telegraphic transfers and Preferential Foreign Exchange Rates

Premier Junior Privileges

We have a wealth of special interest-based events and activities lined-up throughout the year – exclusively for Premier Junior accountholders.. Here are a few of the most recently concluded successes:

‘TurnTheTide’ Junior Conservation Camp

An educational afternoon all about the ocean which was conducted by acclaimed marine conservationists The Pearl Protectors.

The 2023 Great Elephant Gathering

Led by Cinnamon Nature Trails, this iconic 3-day safari and photography adventure tracked majestic pachyderms in Minneriya and Kadulla.

Free tickets to Blue Beetle

Hollywood’s superhero box-office smash – in full Dolby glory at Scope Cinemas, CCC.

Getting started

All you need to equip your child for the future is an initial deposit of LKR100,000 or USD1,000 or the equivalent in other foreign currencies and the child's birth certificate.

Contact us

Explore HSBC Premier products and services and discover how we can support your personal economy. Call us on +94114472272 or download an application form.

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