Online banking

Experience the HSBC Online Banking service with a refreshed look and enhanced features to make it even easier and safer for you to manage your money anytime, anywhere.

Please ensure you are using an up-to-date browser.

  • Improved navigation
  • Simpler account management
  • Enhanced fund-transfer capabilities
  • Better security
  • Regular Online Banking enhancements

Mobile banking

Enjoy 24/7 convenience of banking on smartphones and tablet PCs with the new HSBC Mobile Banking App. Download today via App Store or Google Play.

  • With just one app, you can access all your bank account balances, credit card balances and transactions
  • An app for you to bank anywhere and a security device to protect your money anytime
    Even if your phone is lost, no one can log on to your account and do sensitive transactions without you and your HSBC Secure Key
  • Delivering up-to-date information right at your fingertips
  • Send & Receive Secure Messages
  • Set up or manage your term deposit even while on the go
  • We connect you to a world of privileges, delight in exclusive offers at over 27,000 establishments in 160 countries & territories worldwide

Getting started

Registration to online banking is required to begin your HSBC Mobile Banking experience.

Download the app

Download from the HSBC Mobile Banking app from the App StoreTM or Google PlayTM.

Express Banking

Perform your daily transactions at HSBC Day and Night Banking Centres and experience true convenience of banking.


Manage your statements and advices in an electronic format on HSBC online banking or your designated email address anytime, anywhere.

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere via our secure Online Banking platform
  • Retrieve E-Statements and E-Advices for up to 12 months and 2 months, respectively
  • Email notification for every new E-Statements or E-Advices uploaded to HSBC Online Banking

How to enable E-Statements

Login to HSBC Online Banking > My Banking > Communication Preferences > Statements > Select "E-Statements" option > Save 

How to enable E-Advices

Login to HSBC Online Banking > My Banking > Communication Preferences > Updates and Notifications > Select "Secure message" option > Save

HSBC Secure Key

Safeguard your online banking journey at a touch of a button with HSBC Secure Key. Now available as a Digital Secure Key or a Physical Secure Key device.

You will get a free HSBC secure key when you register to online banking with your HSBC bank accounts.

  • Enhanced security from online fraud
    Provides an extra layer of protection extra layer of protection with two-factor authentication - you'll need a password/PIN and your unique HSBC Secure Key to log on and perform sensitive transactions like moving money to third parties
  • Peace of mind
    Now protecting more transactions and constantly validating only you are making them
  • Small and portable
    Now smaller than a credit card and slimmer than the previous HSBC Secure Key so it should easily slide into your pocket or wallet
  • Easy to use
    Just switch it on, enter your HSBC Secure Key PIN, and it'll give you a unique, one-off six digit passcode to use each time you log on

Common Electronic Fund Transfer Switch (CEFTS)

Common Electronic Fund Transfer Switch (CEFTS) is a real-time fund transfer switch allowing customers to perform domestic interbank fund transfers real-time at their convenience.

Global View and Global Transfers

Global View is a first-to-market global online banking service that gives you access and control to all your HSBC accounts across the world with a single logon.


Obtain your credit card balance, minimum payment amount and payment due date by simply sending an SMS to HSBC, yet free of charge.

Please follow below steps to enjoy this service.

Step 1: Simply SMS <HSBC CC> to 4722 using your mobile number registered with HSBC.

Step 2: You will receive an SMS from HSBC confirming following details of your credit card.

  • Card type and last 4 digits of the credit card number
  • Credit card outstanding balance as at previous day
  • Available credit limit
  • Minimum payment amount
  • Payment due date

All HSBC personal banking customers are being registered for this service by default. In case if you are not registered, experiencing any issues or if you wish to change your mobile number, please call our 24/7 Customer Service Hotline on 011 4 472 200.

Payment Instruction Smart Form

Account Opening Smart Form

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