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Find out about how we make our content and our services easy to use and to understand.

Make banking easier for you

Learn about how we’re supporting you with your banking. We’re making sure that we follow the right procedures to make banking simple and easy for everyone.

Hearing, speech, and visual needs

Support at our ATMs

We offer screen reading services at all of our ATMs and cash deposit machines (CDM). We also offer support for visual needs at our ATMs and CDMs. We also offer support via our hotline.

  • The ATM keys are arranged like they are on a telephone, and the number 5 has a different texture than the other keys.
  • Function keys, characters, and symbols contrast with background surfaces to make them easier to read.
  • The enter key has a raised circle, the clear contents key has a raised left arrow, the cancel key has a raised letter “x”, the add value key has a raised plus, and the decrease value key has a raised minus.
  • You can also call our hotline if you have any questions.

Online content

We make our online content easy to understand.

  • We follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 when we make content for our website, online banking, and mobile banking services.
  • You can use the control and plus keys on your computer keyboard to increase or decrease the size of your screen when using online banking and our public website.
  • Our online and mobile banking services support text-to-speech and other accessibility features.

Secure messaging and live chat

You can ask for help using secure messaging and live chat with our bank staff.

  • Online banking comes with secure messaging, so you know that your questions and any banking information are kept safe.
  • Our mobile app uses secure messaging and a mobile secure key to protect your account.

Mobility or dexterity needs

Find out about the mobility and dexterity support that we provide.

Wheelchair access

We make sure that you can use our banking services should you use a wheelchair.

  • Our branch doors are at ground level – find an accessible branch.
  • Most of our branches provide ramps to help you access them.
  • Our ATMs and cheque deposit machines are installed at the right level for wheelchair users.
  • Customer service areas, cubicles, and the reception areas of our branches are available if you are using a wheelchair.
  • You can reach us for support via our hotlinesecure messages, or live chat on the HSBC website if a permanent or temporary ramp isn't available at your local branch.
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