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Common Electronic Fund Transfer Switch (CEFTS)

Payment convenience… anywhere, anytime

Common Electronic Fund Transfer Switch (CEFTS) is a real-time fund transfer switch allowing customers to perform domestic interbank fund transfers real-time at their convenience.

HSBC customers can perform real-time fund transfers up to Rs.5 million a day to other local bank accounts and credit cards via CEFTS facility on HSBC Online Banking1. In addition, HSBC customers can receive up to Rs.5 million in to their banking accounts from other banks in real-time.

Click here(PDF) for the list of CEFTS member banks/financial institutions. 


  • Real-time fund transfers to other local bank accounts and credit cards 24/7
  • Low fund transfer fees. Click here for tariff.
  • SMS confirmation will be received for both successful and declined transactions within 2 minutes since the transfer was initiated
  • Transaction amount will be credited back to your account immediately in the event of the transaction was rejected by the beneficiary bank
  • Set-up future dated or recurring transactions (standing instructions) through HSBC Online Banking

Steps to follow

Please follow below given steps to check your existing third-party transfer limits.

  • Log-on to HSBC Online Banking via web browser.
  • Click on "My banking" tab from the top navigation panel.
  • Navigate to "Account services", click on "Online transfer and payment limits".
  • Refer "Transfer to pre-designated payees" and "Transfers to other payees" for the existing third-party limit assigned for your online banking profile.

Your third-party transfer facility can be activated and the transfer limits can be increased up to a maximum of Rs.5 million using the following methods.

  1. Send a "Secure Message" via HSBC Online Banking (after logging in using an HSBC Secure Key). Click here to find out more about HSBC Secure Key.
  2. Duly complete the HSBC Online Banking Maintenance From and submit to your nearest HSBC branch or send to the following address.

HSBC Centre, P.O. Box 73, Colombo


Warning ! Before making a payment, Please check carefully that the account numbers you provide are correct. The account name you provide will not be used or verified by us when processing your payment. If the account numbers are incorrect , you might pay someone else by mistake and may not get your money back. If you do not know the account holder or have been asked to make a payment urgently, Be aware of the risks of scams. More information and support on scams can be found on the local website.

HSBC Credit Card Settlement via CEFTS

The HSBC Credit Card Settlement via CEFTS page has been moved to a dedicated new page to serve you better. The new page has further updates on the benefits, FAQs, step by step guides and much more.  Please click here to visit the page.

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