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Common Electronic Fund Transfer Switch (CEFTS) is a real-time fund transfer switch allowing customers to perform domestic interbank fund transfers real-time at their convenience.

HSBC customers can perform real-time fund transfers up to Rs.5 million a day to other local bank accounts and credit cards via CEFTS facility on HSBC Online Banking1. In addition, HSBC customers can receive up to Rs.5 million in to their banking accounts from other banks in real-time.

Click here(PDF) for the list of CEFTS member banks/financial institutions. 


  • Real-time fund transfers to other local bank accounts and credit cards 24/7
  • Low fund transfer fees. Click here for tariff
  • SMS confirmation will be received for both successful and declined transactions within 2 minutes since the transfer was initiated
  • Transaction amount will be credited back to your account immediately in the event of the transaction was rejected by the beneficiary bank
  • Set-up future dated or recurring transactions (standing instructions) through HSBC Online Banking

Steps to follow

Please follow below given steps to check your existing third-party transfer limits.

  • Log-on to HSBC Online Banking via web browser.
  • Click on "My banking" tab from the top navigation panel.
  • Navigate to "Account services", click on "Online transfer and payment limits".
  • Refer "Transfer to pre-designated payees" and "Transfers to other payees" for the existing third-party limit assigned for your online banking profile.

Your third-party transfer facility can be activated and the transfer limits can be increased up to a maximum of Rs.5 million using the following methods.

  1. Send a "Secure Message" via HSBC Online Banking (after logging in using an HSBC Secure Key). Click here to find out more about HSBC Secure Key.
  2. Duly complete the HSBC Online Banking Maintenance From and submit to your nearest HSBC branch or send to the following address.

HSBC Centre, P.O. Box 73, Colombo

HSBC Credit Card Settlement via CEFTS

As the latest addition to our range of credit card settlement options available, HSBC customers can now settle their HSBC Credit Cards directly via CEFTS from your existing bank (other bank) accounts, which brings you peace of mind and convenience when settling your HSBC Credit Cards.

Transferring from your existing bank (other bank) is easy. Step by step guides* are available for a number of banks under the respective bank name below. If a guide is not available, you could also simply follow below common steps to make your monthly card payment:

  1. Log on to the online banking service of your existing bank (other bank) account.
  2. Select ‘CEFTS/Instant Transfer’ under the transfer option.
  3. Select ‘HSBC Head Office/ Fort/ 001’ as the branch and key in your HSBC credit card number and amount and transfer – It’s Done!

Please find below the list of CEFTS member banks/Financial Institutions who allow CEFTS credit card payments to HSBC and a step by step guide* on how to transfer for certain banks.

* Steps given above are provided on a best effort basis and for HSBC customers to use as a guidance only. Please also note that these steps may change over time. For more details, kindly contact the respective bank.

Please find below the list of CEFTS member banks/Financial Institutions who allow CEFTS credit card payments to HSBC.

  1. Axis Bank
  2. Bank of Ceylon
  3. Cargills Bank
  4. Commercial Bank - Commerical Bank step by step guide - English (PDF,400KB)
  5. Commercial Leasing & Finance
  6. DFCC Bank - DFCC Bank step by step guide - English (PDF,400KB)
  7. Habib Bank
  8. Hatton National Bank - Hatton National Bank step by step guide - English (PDF,399KB)
  9. MCB Bank
  10. National Development Bank - National Development Bank step by step guide - English (PDF,402KB)
  11. National Savings Bank
  12. Nations Trust Bank - Nations Trust Bank step by step guide - English (PDF,404KB)
  13. Pan Asia Banking Corporation - Pan Asia Banking Corporation step by step guide - English (PDF,405KB)
  14. Public Bank
  15. Sampath Bank - Sampath Bank step by step guide - English (PDF,406KB)
  16. Senkadagala Finance
  17. Seylan Bank
  18. SDB

General FAQs

FAQs on steps to make the payment

Important notes

  • Payments made up to 5:30 pm on all Bank working days will be credited to the Cardholders’ credit card account on the next working day after 7:30 am.
  • Payments made during bank holidays or weekends will be updated on the following working day.

Contact us

Please contact your Relationship Manager, visit the nearest HSBC branch or call our dedicated customer service hotlines below for further information.

HSBC Premier Hotline: +94 11 4 4722 72

HSBC Advance Hotline: +94 11 4 4722 43

HSBC General Hotline: +94 11 4 4722 00

1Transfer limits are subject to your respective online banking non-designated and pre-designated third-party transfer limits.