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HSBC Credit cards

Revel in savings with your HSBC Credit Card
Product image of HSBC rewards card

HSBC Rewards Credit Card

  • Have exclusive access to Rewards Multipliers
  • Pay less for more with greater savings at Rewards Hotspots
  • Use Rewards Points as currency by instantly redeeming Rewards Points at 40 plus redemption outlets located island wide

Discover your loyal travel partner and enjoy sensational savings.


  • Minimum income requirement RS.100,000 (net)
  • Minimum age requirement 18 years

HSBC Visa Platinum Cashback Credit Card

  • Earn 10% up to Rs. 2000 cashback on your mobile, fuel and supermarket expenses
  • Receive 0.1% unlimited cashback on all your purchase transactions monthly
  • Get up to Rs.5,000 waived off for your first transaction

Always more everyday, on your everyday expenses.


  • Have a minimum monthly income of Rs.20,000 (net)
  • Be at least 18 years of age

HSBC Visa Gold Credit Card

  • Enjoy up to 51 days of interest-free credit
  • Get special discounts and offers on shopping, dining, leisure and entertainment in over 40 countries

Pay for your daily expenses and get rewarded with our truly international card.


  • Have a minimum monthly income of Rs.20,000 (net)
  • Be at least 18 years of age

HSBC Premier MasterCard

  • Exclusively available for HSBC Premier customers
  • Reward Programme - collect reward points which can be redeemed for shopping and frequent flyer miles
  • Enjoy 24/7 worldwide assistance

Only available to HSBC Premier customers. Eligibility criteria apply.

Get access to exclusive privileges both at home and away.


  • Maintain a total relationship balance of LKR7.5 Million
  • Deposit in Current/Savings/Time deposit accounts
  • Deposit in rupees or foreign currency equivalent to rupees or a combination

HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Credit Card

  • Annual and joining fee waived off for life
  • Accepted over 29 million merchants worldwide
  • A host of special offers and benefits

Only available to HSBC Advance customers, Eligibility criteria apply.

Make every day more rewarding. While enjoying the simple pleasures in life, you need a card that lets you live to the fullest with great deals and even more rewards.


  • Remit a minimum monthly slary of LKR100,000 or more to your HSBC Advance accounts or
  • Maintain a minimum maintaining balance of LKR500,000
  • Minimum age requirement 18 Years
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