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HSBC Smart Money

Not everything secure has to be fixed

HSBC Smart Money

With Smart Money, not even a fixed deposit has to be fixed. If you have all your savings tied up in a rupee or foreign currency time deposit (fixed deposit) and you need cash in hand fast at any time without withdrawing your time deposits, Smart Money is the solution for you.

Benefits of Smart Money

  • Withdraw up to 90% of your time deposit value

  • No minimum monthly repayment required

    Provided your utilised balance is within the granted limit.

  • Lower interest rates than unsecured lending facilities

  • Option of repaying the loan based on a reducing balance or an equal installment scheme

  • Flexibility to choose a repayment period of up to 5 years (60 installments)

  • Pay only what you use

    Only pay interest on what you borrow and not your total credit limit. There will be absolutely no interest charged if you do not draw on your credit reserve.

Product overview

Unlock the potential of your fixed deposit

HSBC's Smart Money facility is a secured loan or secured overdraft facility. You can pledge your fixed deposits as security and utilize up to 90% of the value of your fixed deposits as either an overdraft or a loan.

Smart Money lets you enjoy the benefits of your time deposits, while giving you access to cash anytime you need it. One hundred percent of your time deposit keeps on earning interest while up to ninety percent of the time deposit value can be in your pocket through an overdraft.

By placing new time deposits, you can increase the overdraft limit on Smart Money at any time.

Eligibility criteria for Smart Money

You're eligible to apply for HSBC's Smart Money facility if you are:

  • between 18 and 55 years of age
  • a Sri Lankan citizen residing in Sri Lanka 
  • an existing HSBC customer with a minimum fixed deposit amount of LKR100,000

How to apply for Smart Money

Open a rupee time or foreign currency time deposit with a minimum of Rs.100,000/- or US$1,000 or the equivalent at any HSBC branch.

To obtain this facility, please download the English application form below and submit it in branch. Your application should be processed within 24 hours.

You can also apply for our Smart Money facility by speaking to your Relationship Manager or by calling our 24-hour customer service hotline for Advance customers on 0114 4722 43, or for Premier customers on 0114 4722 42.

Things you should know

Smart Money rates

Loan type Floating rate1
Loan Rate 15.00%
Overdraft Rate 15.00%
Loan type Loan Rate
Floating rate1 15.00%
Loan type Overdraft Rate
Floating rate1 15.00%

1Floating interest rates are subject to change in line with market rates. General terms and conditions will apply. 

Frequently asked questions

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