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woman is unlocking her mobile with pass-code, image used for HSBC Sri Lanka Ways to Bank Secure Key

Secure Key

Extra level of protection for your online banking

Safeguard your online banking journey at a touch of a button with HSBC Secure Key. Now available as a Digital Secure Key or a Physical Secure Key device.


Following transactions and activities are further secured with HSBC Secure Key:

  • Adding a New Payee (Person)

  • Transfers to a New Payee (other HSBC account, other HSBC credit card, or other local/international bank)

  • Sending a Secure Message

  • Linking countries/regions on Global View

  • Global Transfers between linked accounts

  • Opening a new account - savings or term deposit

  • Ordering a chequebook

  • Requesting a credit card replacement PIN

Secure Key Device

Watch below video tutorials to learn how to use your HSBC Digital Secure Key and Physical Secure Key Device.

Digital Secure Key (DSK)
Learn how to: activate the Digital Secure Key and generate Security Codes using the Digital Secure Key
Physical Secure Key Device (PSK)
Learn how to: activate the Physical Secure Key Device and generate Security Codes using the Physical Secure Key Device

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