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Online banking

Bank securely at the branch that never closes

Banking designed for your desktop

Experience the HSBC Online Banking service with a refreshed look and enhanced features to make it even easier and safer for you to manage your money anytime, anywhere.

Why bank online?

Here are some of the key features of our online banking service:

  • Account dashboard and services
    Keep track of your all your accounts and credit cards on the Account dashboard and manage your banking requirements 24/7.
  • Move Money
    Make real-time fund transfers to HSBC accounts and other local banks through CEFTS service and make bill payments for over 25 bill payees at no additional costs. You can also make future dated and recurring payments (setup standing instructions) online.
  • Switch to paperless
    View, download and print your account and credit card statemnts and advices via online banking.
  • Open bank accounts
    Open bank accounts, term deposit and update maturity instructions of your time deposit online.
  • Credit card services
    Apply for a credit, check the status of your credit card application and enrol for HSBC SecurePay through online banking.

Never lose a bank statement

Tired of misplacing your paperwork? Or are your financial files fit to burst? Switch to online statements and you'll never have to file your bank statements again. Once you opt-in, you can quickly and securely access digital copies of your statements any time.

Digital bank statements are in the same format as hardcopies. The only thing that changes is the way you receive them. And if you ever need a paper copy of a statement, you can give us a call or visit us at your local branch to request one.

E-Statements and E-Advices

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere via our secure Online Banking platform
  • Retrieve E-Statements and E-Advices for up to 12 months and 2 months, respectively
  • Email notification for every new E-Statements or E-Advices uploaded to HSBC Online Banking
  • Access your E-statement by clicking “My Banking>View E-statement” once logged in to the Online banking platform


For customers with multiple HSBC accounts click on ‘My Banking>View E-statement>select Customer Number’(9 digit number).

For customers with one HSBC account click on ‘My Banking>View E-statement>select Account Number’

E-mail Statements and Credit Card Green Statements

  • Reduced risk of identity theft as statements are delivered securely to your inbox (password protected)
  • Gain quicker access to statements stored in your inbox and download or print anytime
  • Environmentally friendly

Watch online banking video tutorials

My accounts, transactions, and statements for ways to bank online banking
How to: view details of your accounts and transactions; view and download statements.
Moving money with online banking ways to bank
How to: transfer funds quickly between your same currency accounts; setting up local or international fund transfers or payments and pay bills.
Secure messaging
How to: send and receive messages from HSBC securely; request a call back and find useful numbers.

Online banking security

Your safety is paramount to us. Our online banking service is protected by industry-leading security technologies, providing the strongest defence against unauthorised access. We offer two log-on options for your convenience.


This allows you to log on with a user name and password. When you log on with passwords, you can carry out simple day-to-day banking tasks.

Security device

The security device adds an extra layer of security to online banking. When you log on with a security device, you get access to the full online banking service. If you need help with your HSBC security device, read the FAQs.

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