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All you need to know about credit cards

Manage your cash flow and make purchases you'll pay off later. Find out more about our credit cards and the guidance we offer.

Get to know the differences between the main types of credit cards and how they could match your needs.

Making the most of a credit card

Explain the pros and cons between different types of VISA cards and whether you should have one for your daily activities.
The Credit Information Bureau (CRIB) is a centralized system that indicates how reliable you are at borrowing and repaying money.
From managing your spending to building credit, here are some tips to help you make the most of your credit card.
Get to know the basics about credit cards - from seeing how credit card interest works, to what you'll need to apply.
Get to know what a rewards credit card can offer you, and how much it could cost you to use one.
When it comes to credit cards, there's no magic number you should have or blanket rules that will suit everyone.