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Balance Conversion Plan

Enjoy the freedom to settle HSBC credit card purchases in full, while you pay back the amount in equal monthly instalments.

The HSBC Balance Conversion Flexi Plan lets you repay your card spending in easy, monthly instalments

For a nominal handling fee, the HSBC Balance Conversion Flexi Plan lets you settle any large credit card purchase in full, and then pay back the amount owing in equal monthly instalments over 6 or 12 months. 

  • Low interest rates
  • No processing fees
  • One-time handling fee
  • 0% interest available for selected categories

More about balance conversion plans

The HSBC Balance Conversion Flexi Plan is available on a wide range of transactions, including:

  • Payments to authorised dealers and autocare
  • Education costs
  • Insurance payments
  • Medical expenses
  • Airline and travel costs
  • E-commerce payments

Once you set up a balance conversion plan for a transaction, you can repay it over a 6 or 12 month instalment period.

HSBC Rewards will be awarded for the total transaction value.

Rates, fees and tenures

These are the terms for a balance conversion plan for a transaction of LKR 100,000.
Tenure Total handling fee Monthly capital instalment Annual percentage rate (APR)
6 months 4% - LKR4,000 LKR17,333.33 13.6%
12 months 7% - LKR7,000 LKR8,916.67 12.68%
These are the terms for a balance conversion plan for a transaction of LKR 100,000.
Tenure 6 months
Total handling fee 4% - LKR4,000
Monthly capital instalment LKR17,333.33
Annual percentage rate (APR) 13.6%
Tenure 12 months
Total handling fee 7% - LKR7,000
Monthly capital instalment LKR8,916.67
Annual percentage rate (APR) 12.68%

How to set up a balance conversion

1. Pay with your credit card

  Buy goods or services as normal with your HSBC credit card.  

2. Apply online

After your purchase, fill in the Balance Conversion Flexi Plan application form online.

3. Check the details carefully

Make sure you enter the exact transaction value and date on the form.

4. Submit the form

When you're happy the details are correct, submit your form and we'll set up your Flexi plan.

Things to know

Who can apply?

  • You must be an existing HSBC credit cardholder
  • You must meet other eligibility criteria explained in the terms and conditions.

What you'll need to apply

To complete the balance conversion application form, you'll need to have these things to hand:

  • Correct credit card number
  • Exact transaction value
  • Exact date of the transaction

Apply for a balance conversion today 

Once you've made an eligible purchase on your HSBC credit card, fill in the online application form to request a balance conversion plan for it.

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