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Premier Mastercard

Some experiences are just more rewarding together.
HSBC Premier Mastercard

HSBC Premier Mastercard

Towards a sustainable future


Starting April 2021, we will be issuing an environmentally

friendly card made from 85% recycled plastic.


You will receive your new card upon expiry.

Benefits and features

Wherever you live or travel across the globe, with HSBC Premier, you can always expect a warm welcome. Find out how HSBC Premier will bring you a world of round-the-clock services, unrivalled local insight and exceptional emergency support.

  • Exclusive rewards
    Every Rs.100 spent = 1 points. Every 1 points = Rs.1 in redeemable value. Collect 4000 points and you can start redeeming. Read our list of our partner outlets.
  • Mileage benefits
    Now the sky is no longer the limit for HSBC Premier credit cardholders. Earn 5000 Rewards points with your credit card and fly the world for free!
  • Year-round offers
    Enjoy attractive discounts right throughout the year when you pay with your HSBC Premier credit card. For Further information visit HSBC Premier Privileges.
  • Mastercard global service
    Mastercard Global service programme of Mastercard international makes the following services available for HSBC Premier cardholders.
  • home&Away Privilege Programme
    Get access to the same shopping, dining, leisure and entertainment discounts and benefits that local HSBC premier credit cardholders enjoy wherever you travel in over 40 countries/regions. Visit for more details.
  • Cash advance locally and overseas
    You can get cash advances from any HSBC ATM or Visa/Plus, Master/Cirrus ATM in Sri Lanka in addition to over 1,000,000 ATM's participating banks and financial institutions worldwide. Your cash advance limit is 50% of your permanent credit limit.

More details about Premier Mastercard

Emergency encashment services

We understand that accidents can and do happen so we provide hassle-free encashment services to you and your family should such an emergency arise. You can choose to either visit one of our HSBC branches or simply make a collect call to the Premier Emergency hotline on (1) 314 275 6781 to arrange emergency cash that can be delivered to over 245,000 outlets across 200 countries/regions; now that's convenience!

Report loss of credit cards and emergency card replacement service

We provide efficient emergency lost/stolen card reporting and replacement services through the Premier Emergency hotline on (1) 314 275 6781. Should you lose your card, we will stop your lost card immediately and arrange to issue a new card to you on the next day or an emergency cash advance pending delivery of the replacement card.

Eligibility of Premier Mastercard

To be eligible for an HSBC Premier Mastercard, you must:

  • Maintain a total relationship balance of LKR15 Million deposit in Current/Savings/Time deposit accounts. This balance could be maintained in rupees or foreign currency equivalent to rupees or a combination.

How to Apply

Apply by phone

You can simply obtain this service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year either by contacting HSBC Premier customer service or Mastercard Premier emergency center:

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