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Enjoy a Welcome Offer with benefits and savings when you open an International Account before 30 April 2024

Moving Overseas

We'll help you set up your overseas account.

Open an overseas account with us

You're taking the big step of moving overseas to work, study, or invest outside of Sri Lanka. We'll help you settle in and get a head start with an overseas bank account.

Experience the privileges of banking beyond borders

Enjoy benefits and savings when you open an international account

  • Enjoy a 100% handling fee waiver of LKR10,000 until 30 April 2024. Refer T&C

Set up your overseas account before you go

We'll open your account once you send us the required documents. You'll also get access to online banking. We can also send your debit cards, credit cards, and cheque books to your preferred address at home or overseas.

How we can help you

Read our Expat Explorer survey for a glimpse of what international life is like and how it feels to live abroad.
Explore our Expat Cities to see what people like you think about working in different countries to help you choose where to go.
Manage your HSBC accounts at home and overseas with our online banking and Global View and Global Transfer services.
See our Country Guides for practical advice on what to expect in your new destination and prepare for your move.
Explore Expat Family to see the new opportunities you and your family will have on your next adventure.
Check out our Global Real Estate report for an overview of the property market in different cities to help you find your dream home or an overseas investment

Things to know

How much will it cost to open my overseas account?

It's free to open an overseas account if you're a Premier customer. The annual account and monthly maintenance fees are also waived.

For staff-assisted or phone-assisted account openings for non-Premier customers, a handling fee of LKR10,000 applies. *Enjoy a 100% handling fee waiver of LKR10,000 until 30 April 2024.

Terms and conditions (PDF)

To open an International account you will need to maintain :

  • A Current or Savings account with a minimum balance of LKR500,000

  • if you're an HSBC Premier customer, then the Premier criteria will prevail


Ready to open your overseas account?

We'll get your account set up once you send in the required documents. You'll also get your online banking access and your debit cards, credit cards, and cheque books can be sent to your preferred address.


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