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Personal Exclusive Revolving Credit (PERC)

Instant access to extra cash

HSBC Personal Exclusive Revolving Credit

HSBC's PERC (Personal Exclusive Revolving Credit) facility is your personal cash reserve for any requirement. We understand that your borrowing needs vary throughout the year. A PERC facility gives you flexible funds to manage your cash flow, take advantage of timely bargains, meet unexpected emergencies and much more, all with just a one-time application.

Benefits of PERC

With Personal Exclusive Revolving Credit from HSBC, you will get:

  • An application decision within 48 hours

  • Flexible funds up to 6x your monthly salary

    HSBC Premier customers can access up to 6x their montly salary, up to 4x for HSBC Advance customers and up to 2x for standard HSBC customers.

  • Competitive variable interest rates

  • Extra cash to put your mind at rest if unexpected expenses arise

Key features of PERC

Flexible repayment

Enjoy flexible repayment options from as little as 5% of your outstanding balance or Rs250, whichever is higher. Use your credit repeatedly, and once it's repaid, it immediately becomes available for use again. You are in complete control with the ability to borrow when you need to.

A minimum repayment of 5% of the outstanding balance or Rs250, whichever is higher within 20 days from the 20th of every month (the repayment period) is required.

Pay only what you use

You can borrow only the funds you need, and pay interest on what you borrow and not your total credit limit. There will be absolutely no interest charged if you do not draw on your credit reserve.

You can access your cash reserve through: personal cheques, our ATM card (valid internationally) which can access 500,000 ATMs in more than 82 countries and territories including Sri Lanka, our 24-hour phone banking service, online banking services or any of our branches

Eligibility criteria for PERC

You're eligible to apply for PERC if you:

  • are between 18 and 53 years of age
  • earn a net salary of LKR40,000 per month
  • are employed in an organisation recognised by the bank and can be confirmed in your employment
  • have an account with HSBC for over 3 months, to which your salary is credited monthly
  • continue to remit your salary to the PERC account (this cannot be changed without prior arrangements with the bank)

How to apply for PERC

Apply now and take control of your finances. No security is required for PERC. We can process your application within 48 hours, so you won't be kept waiting for your cash. 

To obtain this facility, please download the English application form below and submit it in branch, duly completed with a letter from your employer (specimen provided on application) along with a copy of the NIC that will be verified by the branch against the original National Identity Card.

Things you should know

PERC rates

HSBC Lifestyle Loan rate table

Loan type Floating rate1
PERC 11.75%

HSBC Lifestyle Loan rate table

Loan type PERC
Floating rate1 11.75%

1Floating interest rates are subject to change in line with market rates. General terms and conditions will apply.

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