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HSBC Credit Card Settlement via CEFTS

What is CEFTS?

As the latest addition to our range of credit card settlement options available, you can now settle your HSBC Credit Cards directly via CEFTS from your existing bank (other bank) accounts, bringing you peace of mind and convenience when settling your HSBC Credit Card(s).


  • Faster
    CEFTS payments are sent to HSBC immediately (please refer notes for crediting time)
  • Saves money
    Maximum charge per CEFTS transaction is LKR 30 irrespective of the value of the transfer. If your payment through a third party payment channel is over LKR 4,000, you will enjoy a saving from the difference of the fees you pay
  • Saves time
    No need to withdraw cash and visit a HSBC branch or a third party payment channel and stay in queue to make the payment. Simply do it online from wherever you are!
  • Easy tracking
    You will have a digital record and confirmation of the payment
  • Safe
    It is health wise safe especially with COVID 19 since you can avoid crowded areas / staying in queues to deposit, and also you do not need to carry large amounts of money with you
  • Convenient
    Can transfer anytime from anywhere at your convenience

How to make a transfer

Pay via e-wallets

You could also settle your credit card bill via a mobile wallet of your choice.

Click here to find out more.

From another bank to HSBC Credit Card

Step 1: Log on to the online banking service of your existing bank (other bank) account.


Step 2 : Select 'CEFTS Credit Card transfer option' under the transfer option.


Step 3 : Select 'HSBC Head Office/ Fort/ 001' as the branch and key in your HSBC credit card number, amount and transfer – It's Done!

Please find below the list of CEFTS member banks/Financial Institutions who allow CEFTS credit card payments to HSBC and a step by step guide* on how to transfer for certain banks.


*Steps given above are provided on a best effort basis and for HSBC customers to use as a guidance only. Please also note that these steps may change over time. For more details, kindly contact the respective bank.


Warning ! Before making a payment, Please check carefully that the account numbers you provide are correct. The account name you provide will not be used or verified by us when processing your payment. If the account numbers are incorrect , you might pay someone else by mistake and may not get your money back. If you do not know the account holder or have been asked to make a payment urgently, Be aware of the risks of scams. More information and support on scams can be found on the local website.

CEFTS member Financial Institutions

Frequently asked questions

Important notes

  • All payments made will be updated under "Available credit" of the cardholders' credit card account, real time.
  • Payment history ("Posting date") and the credit card "Balance" will be updated by the following working day.
  • Payments made up to 5:30 pm on due dates will be credited to the Cardholders' credit card account as a same day payment.
  • "Posting date" of payments made during bank holidays or weekends, will appear as the following working day.
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