Simple access to your accounts
With our phone banking service, you can access a full range of automated banking services or speak to a member of our team – all on a single number.

What you can do

Through our phone banking service, you can:

  • Check your balance
    Access your accounts and credit cards securely with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and obtain your previous statements by fax or post.
  • Make payments
    Make payment to your HSBC Credit Card at anytime of the day from your HSBC account.
  • Pay bills
    Pay your utility bills from wherever you are.
  • Transfer money
    Transfer funds instantly between your accounts or to third party HSBC accounts.
  • ATM and Credit Cards service
    Activate your HSBC Credit Card and report lost or stolen ATM and credit cards immediately.
  • Set up and change standing orders
    Obtain latest exchanges rate and interest rates
  • Update your details
    Enquire your account and credit card balance or transaction history
  • Speak to a member of our team
    Bank with your most preferred language, may it be English, Sinhala or Tamil and Assistance of a customer service representative 24/7
  • Order cheque books or even make a stop cheque request
  • Open Time Deposit accounts

Use the service

Already registered?

Call charges are waived off. Please dial below local toll free numbers from your telephone network.

Dialog - 077 2 4722 99
Hutch - 078 5 4722 99
Lanka Bell - 011 5 4722 99
Mobitel - 071 4 4722 99
SLT - 011 2 4722 99
Suntel - 011 4 4722 99
Etisalat - 072 2 4722 99

New to phone banking?

You'll need to register for the service before you can use it.

Transaction amount

You can transfer up to the following amounts per day using the Phonebanking service:

  • Between your own accounts - Rs.1 million
  • Utility bill payments - Rs.200,0001
  • Transfers to third party accounts within HSBC - Rs.200,0002

To add your bill information kindly send a written request or call our 24/7 Customer Service Hotline on 0114472200.

1You can pay your telephone, electricity, water bills and make many more bill payments through Phonebanking upon adding the bill information.

2This facility will be activated only upon written request.