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Phone Banking

Simple access to your accounts

With our phone banking service, you can access a full range of automated banking services with the use of the Phone Banking PIN or an SMS OTP*.  Enjoy convenient and hassle free banking service with simple access to your accounts and credit card information.


* SMS OTP is a one-time security code that is generated, which connects you to the phone banking service, in the event you do not possess the Phone Banking PIN. Your mobile number will need to be registered with HSBC in order to access this facility.

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Do your banking anywhere

Stay in control of your finances easily with our mobile banking app. Whether you're checking your balances or setting up new transactions, the app lets you do your banking wherever you are.

How do I connect using the SMS OTP?

"Phone" icon


Step 1 – Dial

Dedicated Hotline: +94 114 4722 00 | +94 114 4722 43 | +94 114 4722 72 | +94 114 4722 75

"User" icon


Step 2 - Select

Preferred Language: English | Sinhala | Tamil

"Card" icon

Step 3 – Enter

10-digit Phone Banking Number
12-digit Account number
16-digit Credit Card Number

"Mobile Phone" icon

Step 4 – Choose

Press 1 to access using Phone Banking PIN

Press 2 to access using SMS OTP

"Message" icon


Step 5 – Use

If you pressed 1, key in the 6 digit Phone Banking PIN to proceed with the Phone Banking facility

If you pressed 2, key in the 6 digit SMS OTP received by you, to proceed with Phone Banking facility

Please click here to refer the Sinhala translation.

What you can do

Through our phone banking service, you can:

Account Services

  • Check your account details
    Access your account(s) balance and debit/credit transactions, securely with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) or SMS OTP.
  • Transfer money
    Transfer funds instantly between your accounts or to third party HSBC accounts.
  • Pay bills
    Pay your utility bills from wherever you are.
  • Make payments
    Make payments to your HSBC Credit Card at anytime of the day from your HSBC account.
  • Inquire Rates
    Obtain latest exchanges rate and interest rates.
  • Order cheque books or even make a stop cheque request
  • Open Time Deposit accounts

Credit Card Services

  • Check your credit card details
    Access your credit card(s) outstanding balance, available balance, minimum payment due, due date and transaction history, securely with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) or SMS OTP.
  • Make payments
    Check your card balance, minimum payment due and the due date. Make payments to your HSBC Credit Card at anytime of the day from your HSBC account.
  • Rewards Points
    Check rewards points available balance on your HSBC Credit Card.
  • ATM and Credit Cards service
    Activate your HSBC Credit Card and report lost or stolen ATM and credit cards immediately.

What if the Phone Banking Service is locked?

Your Phone Banking service would lock you out after three (03) unsuccessful Phone Banking PIN entry attempts. However, you are able to activate the service by using your debit/credit card number and PIN.

Transaction amount

You can transfer up to the following amounts per day using the Phonebanking service:

  • Between your own accounts - Rs.1 million
  • Utility bill payments - Rs.200,0001
  • Transfers to third party accounts within HSBC - Rs.200,0002

To add your bill information kindly send a written request or call our 24/7 Customer Service Hotline on +94 11 447 2200.

1You can pay your telephone, electricity, water bills and make many more bill payments through Phonebanking upon adding the bill information.

2This facility will be activated only upon written request.

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