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With a presence in more than 60 major world markets, HSBC is truly a global bank. Our global network offers you access to international services & wealth opportunities, so you can get more out of the world.

Eligibility criteria

  • Maintain a current or savings account with a minimum balance of LKR500,000.
  • If you are an HSBC Premier customer, you will need to maintain the applicable total relationship balance of LKR10 million.

Exclusive benefits with International Banking from HSBC

Overseas account openings

- Pre - departure account opening in your destination country, where we have our presence.


Global view and Global transfer

- Global view of accounts and fee-free fund transfers instantly between your HSBC Premier accounts around the world.

Moving abroad

Home is where the heart is. Move your home to wherever your heart desires with HSBC’s International Services for foreign migrations. 

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find out more about Moving Overseas

We'll be there, lending a helping hand to assist you with your journey.

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Find out more about HSBC international services in other markets.

Stay connected to your roots

Whether it’s returning to Sri Lanka or staying connected with your family while you’re away, we have a solution for everything. 

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find out more about Investing in Sri Lanka

Stay connected to your family with fee free international fund transfers.

Smart moves for a better tomorrow

Create a safety net for you and your family when you invest internationally through HSBC’s global banking network.

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