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How to open an overseas account

Whether you're looking to move for work, study or even invest outside Sri Lanka, we'll show you the best way to open an account in another destination.

Benefits of an HSBC overseas account

Manage your money easily and make the most of your finances when you're abroad.

  • Open another account in multiple global destinations whether you're in Sri Lanka or abroad
  • Settle in with a credit card in your new destination
  • Manage your accounts online, in one place
  • Make fee-free transfers between your accounts if you're a Premier customer
  • Enjoy value-added services such as tax solutions, relocation support, and special offers worldwide

How to apply for an overseas account

1. Choose your destination

Select your current location and where you'd like to open an overseas account. We can help you open an account in multiple global destinations.

2. Check if you're eligible

You can apply if you're at least 18 years old and have a valid reason for opening an overseas account. Additional criteria may apply depending on your destination.

3. Start your application

Fill in the form, and someone from our International team will get in touch. We will support you with your application and let you know what documents you'll need.

What you need to know

Ready to open an overseas account?

Get started by speaking to someone in our International team who can help you open an account abroad.

Frequently asked questions

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