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6 things you don’t need to go to your branch for

If you’re worried about how to handle your everyday banking during COVID-19, we want you to know that you can bank from the safety of your home with HSBC Online Banking or HSBC Mobile Banking.

Here are 6 everyday banking tasks you can do online with your mobile phone, computer or tablet.

Check your account balances

Did you know that you can check your account and credit card balances without having to call us? With the HSBC Online and Mobile banking platforms you can check and track of all your transactions all in one place. 

Make instant transfers

In the past, if you wanted to transfer money, you had to find an ATM or visit your nearest branch. Now, through HSBC Online and Mobile Banking, you can send money instantly wherever you are with no charges on transfers.

Pay your utility bills

Still visiting your nearest branch kiosks to pay your utility bills? Why not instantly pay your next bill via HSBC Online or Mobile Banking by clicking ‘My Banking > Pay Bill’. You can also set up an instruction to make an automatic transfer on a specific day of each month, so that you never have to worry about missing a deadline.

Pay your credit card settlements

You no longer have to visit our third party merchants to pay any of your credit cards. Settle your credit card bills instantly in the comfort and safety of your home using HSBC Online Banking or HSBC Mobile Banking.

Change your Personal Information

Avoid the queues to update your Account and credit card information every time you have a change of address, mobile number or email. Simply log in to HSBC Online Banking using your digital/physical secure key click on ‘My Banking>Update Personal’ details and fill in the personal details you wish to update.

Request a cheque book

Out of cheques? There’s no need to fill in the last page of your cheque book and go to the branch to get a new book. Instead, simply login to HSBC Online Banking using your digital/physical secure key, click on ‘My Banking>Cheques> Order a Cheque book’ and select the type of cheque book you would like.

Start banking from home now

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When shopping and banking online, protect yourself against risks.

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See all the ways that you can bank with us.

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