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Free up funds

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Simple ways to reduce your expenses

If you find yourself having to borrow to pay essential bills or you live on par financially but want to be healthier, consider the following simple ideas to free up some funds:

Reduce your expenses

Identify ways to reduce your expenses. Could you cut the number of times you go out each month? How about your impulse buying and online shopping? How much could you save each month by cutting back on a few luxuries? What are some fun activities or hobbies you could do for free instead?

Change your habits

If you can be flexible with your daily or weekly schedule, then you can often find plenty of ways to free up funds. How about making your lunch, rather than buying it at work? Could you work remotely, or from home, so that you can cut back on transport cost?

Sell unwanted possessions

Selling items that you do not need, or no longer use, can be a very effective way to free up funds (and it also can help you to reduce unwanted clutter). There are specialist online retailers, as well as auction sites like eBay, where you can sell your unwanted items.

Get started with your Financial Wellbeing

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Financial wellbeing

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