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Habits for financial wellbeing

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Managing your Everyday finances

Financial wellbeing is about feeling secure and in control of your day-to-day finances. It's having enough money to pay your bills, with a plan to deal with unexpected costs. It's about feeling confident making plans for your financial future that are in line with the goals that you set.

Poor financial wellbeing has ripple-effects for our mental health and our relationships. On the other hand, people who enjoy good financial wellbeing tend to be happier, more confident and more productive at work.

Where to start

  1. Get talking
    Money and finances are a common source of stress. Talking about your state of finance with a trusted friend or family member is good for you, and may help you to manage your stress.
  2. Make a plan
    Creating your very own financial plan for the year can be a weight off your shoulders. Understand how much you hope to save for the year and break it down into smaller financial goals.

Get started with your Financial Wellbeing

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Financial wellbeing

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