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How to create a secure password

The security of your bank account, email account of even your online streaming account depends on how strong your password is and how you safeguard them.

In addition to weak passwords, overusing the same password or using same password for multiple online accounts can have serious consequences if your data is compromised, even if that password is strong.

Here are some good practices relating to Password Security

  • Avoid common words and character combinations in your password - Stay away from common words like "password," phrases like "mypassword" and predictable character sequences. Also avoid using your name, the name of your pet, your birthday/anniversary or anything that someone could find out from social media
  • Longer passwords are better – Longer passwords combined with symbols and numbers are always better. However, a longer password composed of unconnected words can be difficult to remember so consider using a trusted password manager app.
  • Don't recycle your passwords – It’s a bad idea to recycle your old passwords or to use same password across multiple online accounts.
  • Consider using biometrics as your password – Biometrics are a great way to make your online accounts difficult to break into. Did you know that HSBC Mobile Banking app could be accessed using biometrics for iPhone users? Try it!
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