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Sri Lanka Interbank Payment System (SLIPS)

Other local bank payments up to Rs.5 million are securely processed via Sri Lanka Interbank Payment System (SLIPS), leveraging the local clearing network and the funds will reach the beneficiary bank within the same working day1.

1Subject to the cut-off times. Click here for the cut-off times.


  • Transfers can be initiated via HSBC Online Banking or by visiting an HSBC branch2

  • Transfers can be made to commercial banks and the National Savings Bank

2SLIPS transfers made via HSBC Online Banking are subject to your respective online banking non-designated and pre-designated third-party transfer limits.

Steps to check your existing third-party transfer limits

  1. Log-on to HSBC Online Banking via web browser
  2. Click on "My banking" tab from the top navigation pane
  3. Click on "Online transfer and payment limits" under "Account services"
  4. Refer "Transfer to pre-designated payees" and "Transfers to other payees" for the existing third-party limit assigned for your online banking profile

Your third-party transfer limits can be increased up to a maximum of Rs.2.5 million using following methods:

  1. Send a "Secure Message" via HSBC Online Banking (after logging in using an HSBC Secure Key). Click here (link to the HSBC Secure Key section) to find out more about HSBc Secure Key
  2. Duly complete the HSBC Online Banking Maintennce From (hyperlink - this will be provided) and submit to your nearest HSBC branch or post to the following address: HSBC Network Service Centre, P.O. Box 73, Colombo 01

Please contact your relationship manager or visit the nearest HSBC branch if you wish to increase your third-party transfer limits up to Rs.5 million.

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